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Leonard Gonzalez Enterprise, Inc. (LGEDN) has strong relationships with Latin American entities and government officials. Our team is bi-cultural and uniquely qualified with high standards and values. LGEDN team and associates in each of the Latin American countries have selective ethical expertise to implement company strategies that accomplish transparency and success.


LGEDN provides assistance that allows companies the freedom to incorporate various desired options - implement new projects or expand existing operations.

We facilitate the process of structuring and submitting an OPIC loan application as well as obtaining political risk insurance for US companies and investors.


What We Do:


We identify projects for capital investments through the following process:
• Evaluate projects for OPIC Capital Investment and OPIC Political Risk Insurance
• Identifying companies and investors
• Set conference and private meetings with key persons and/or government officials
• Gather and analyze information
• Facilitate the processes for procurement of capital investments
• Advise and consulting on projects
• Establish forums with country leaders

• Provide marketing services to promote your project to investors


We will facilitate:

• Permits and acceleration of processing regulation requirements for investors
• Assistance with business establishment and joint venture with local partners
• Promotion and marketing services, public relations, international trades delegations

LGEDN provides satisfaction guaranteed consultations and award-winning services.


Political Risk Insurance


LGEDN is outreaching to clients who have projects abroad and facilitating the process for PRI to investors to protect their investment with United States Government backed insurance from OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation). After thirty years of working with investors worldwide, OPIC understands these risks and has the Political Risk Insurance products available to meet investor requirements.


OPIC Political Risk Insurance protects against the following risks:


• Currency Inconvertibility – deterioration of the ability to convert dividends, debt service, and other remittances from local currency into U.S. dollars and to transfer those dollars out of the host country.

• Expropriation – expropriation, nationalization, or confiscation of an enterprise, including “creeping expropriation”, due to government actions.

• Political Violence – loss of assets or income due to war, revolution, insurrection, or politically motivated civil strife, terrorism, or sabotage.


Leonard Gonzales Enterprise Inc. (LGEDN) can assist them with the process in obtaining Political Risk Insurance. LGEDN has been approved as an EDN Loan and PRI Originator who can facilitate the process of obtaining capital for investments for new projects or expansion of existing projects abroad.